Add your digital ID to your phone with Google Wallet

Now you can add a digital state ID or driver’s license to your Android phone. It’s an easy, secure way to store and show your ID.

How to add your digital driver’s license or state ID to Google Wallet

  • Tap ‘Add to Wallet’ in the Google Wallet app

  • Select ‘ID card’, then your state

  • Follow the verification steps with your physical ID

How to present your digital ID at TSA PreCheck®*

  • Make sure Bluetooth is on. Hold your phone over the TSA reader.

  • TSA will take your picture to authenticate your identity

  • Tap ‘Continue’ on your phone and continue through security

You’re in control of your data

Google Wallet keeps your digital driver’s license and state ID protected with advanced security, so your personal details stay safe

  • Your digital ID is stored encrypted and only accessible with your personal authentication

  • Before you show your digital ID, you can review what data is shared

  • If your phone is stolen or lost, your digital ID can be deleted with a remote data erase

Safe, simple, and helpful

Download Google Wallet on your Android devices

Only available on Android