It’s not a wallet.
It’s Google Wallet.

Keep everything protected in one place no matter where you go with the new Google Wallet. Now you can access essentials like your payment cards, loyalty cards, concert tickets and more – all from your Android phone. It's not just your digital wallet, it's your all-access pass to life.


A faster, safer, easier way to pay.

Enjoy faster, safer, easier checkouts when you add your payment cards to Google Wallet. You can tap to pay everywhere that Google Pay is accepted and know that your personal payment details are kept safe and secure.

Travel & transit

From Singapore to all kinds of destinations

Skip the line and use your phone as your ticket to ride on the bus and MRT. Carry plane tickets on your phone and keep up with changes to departure times with information pulled from Google Search.

  • See the right pass at the right time

  • Skip the line or ticket booth

  • Get updates from Google Wallet if your departure info changes


Never lose a loyalty card again

Add your loyalty and gift cards to Google Wallet, and you'll never miss a chance to save. Google Wallet saves all of your cards in one place, so you can save a little with every latte.


Now your phone is your ticket to the
theme park

Carry everything that you need to see a show or cheer on your favourite team. Google Wallet will even show your ticket on the day of the event, so you won't miss the opening act or first half.


Your keyring just got a little lighter

Carry your digital car keys in Google Wallet to make hitting the road easier and more secure. Just hold your phone to your car door handle to unlock your next adventure.

Digital car keys are now available on select BMW models with more car models to come at a later date. Learn more about how to get started with your digital car key in the Android Help Centre.


Proof of vaccination, always within reach

Now you're covered anywhere that requires proof of vaccination. Keep your vaccine card secure in Google Wallet to gain entry directly from your phone.

Learn more about how to add vaccine cards and test records to Google Wallet.


With Google Wallet, you’re in control of your data

Protect your personal information wherever you go and your money wherever you pay. Google Wallet gives you advanced security and easy-to-use privacy controls so you and your information stay safe every day.

  • Android offers two-step verification, Find My Phone and remote data erase

  • Tap to pay uses encrypted payment codes to hide your real card number

  • Google lets you choose the info that you share between products for a tailored experience

It’s not a wallet.
It’s Google Wallet.

Only available on Android